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"Not only is it our duty at Woods and Associates Management Firm to find and manage books, people, and brands in both the entertainment and literary industry, but to make sure the passion they carry can make a difference by lighting the torches within all of us to make a difference. We don't do just great work, we do extraordinary work. Our clients aren't just awesome, they are WASM!" - The Woods and Associates Management Firm

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You may have the great next novel. You may be the next Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Leonardo dicaprio, Alessandra Ambrosio, or the first star of a new art; But even so, the journey ahead is long, rigorous and puzzle riddled. With the help of WASM, we will not only guide you, but be your most passionate supporter from day one to the day we unlock the door of success with and for you!

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The key to the Puzzle of Success.

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The Woods and Associates Management Firm is extremely proud to present to our present and future clients along with daily visitors a new, interactive, and visually captivating website. Stay tuned for more updates!

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