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Every day, anywhere from 700-800 new books are written and published as eBooks, traditionally, or self-published. Competition within the literary industry grows more competitive with each passing hour, let alone year. But within the ever expanding, dark space of competition, Woods and Associates Management Firm shines, together with our clients. Successful book publicity, management, and negotiation requires knowledge, experience, and an unbeatable amount of passion while using both traditional and online strategies that are ever evolving to adapt to present and future technology and media.


Media opportunities for books include word-of-mouth awareness generated by radio and television interviews, press releases for newspaper and magazine feature stories and articles, and the many social facets that blogs and social media provide.



Literary Services

Author Events

Book Campaign & Tour Management

Book Campaign Management for Publishers

Comprehensive Social Media Marketing

Contracts / Negotiations

E-Book Marketing

Ground Tours

Literary Festivals

Press Kits

Radio, TV, Print & Online Media (Appearances)

Search Engine Optimization

Special Events and Contests

Strategic Communication

Virtual Book Tour Management

Entertainment Services


Contract / Negotiation

Event Management

Media Coverage

Press Release Writing & Publishing

Search Engine Optimization

Short & Long Term Consultation

Speaking Engagement for Award Winning Author R.J. Tolson

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