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OUR Team

We empower our clients to go after what they truly want and to have the lives and careers they dream of having. Inevitably, the clients we attract have a desire to serve the world in some way, and we work with them to use their unique abilities and talents to do so in the most powerful way possible.


"Success is a puzzle. Let us be the key." - Eloise S. Woods

Eloise S. Woods, Esq. 

J.D. , Northeastern University School of Law, Boston, MA

Founder, Manager, Corporate Adviser, Entertainment Lawyer

Accustomed to the hustle and bustle in the sports and entertainment industry from playing professional tennis on the Women's International Tennis Circuit and practicing labor and employment law for more than 15 years, Eloise Woods added literary management to her impressive credentials with the founding of Woods and Associates Management Firm in 2012. She advises, counsels and assists clients with a myriad of matters, including media relations, contracts, negotiations, event planning, and promotions. Her award winning cliental have been featured on a multitude of television networks, ABC, CBS, NBC, and Fox, and radio, print and social media.


Ms. Woods is always pushing to innovate the managing and public relations industries. Eloise earned a dual Bachelor of Arts degree in International Relations and History from Brown University in Rhode Island, and a Juris Doctor degree with honors from Northeastern University School of Law in Boston, MA. She has rendered advice on an array of legal and workplace issues, and assisted in the determination and negotiation of various labor, employment, and contract matters and violations. Eloise Woods did such work for many years at the National Labor Relations Board Headquarters in Washington, D.C., and thereafter, with high-level professionals in the sports industry and political arena.


"Be like a dream, and never stop at the top!" - Ryoma Sasaki

Ryoma Sasaki, MBA

MBA in Executive Management, Oxford University, UK

​Literary and Publishing Advisor

Ryoma Sasaki, an internationally recognized manga and literary publisher, has managed and implemented a multitude of national manga and book promotion campaigns over a period of 10 years. Having worked for three different publishing houses, including the current Universal Kingdom Print, Sasaki has recruited and published both award winning authors, Mangakas, and playwrights.


Ryoma brings an unrivaled amount of experience and knowledge from the literary and publishing industries to Woods and Associates Management firm as working lead Literary Advisor. This includes forging strategic relationships in the literary world from a publishing standpoint and seamless communication from management to publisher. Ryoma’s goal is for WASM’s top-notch team of managers to exceed each client’s expectations with outstanding results through the fiery passion ever present in the work done at Woods and Associates Management Firm.


Sasaki earned a Bachelor of Education degree from the University of Tokyo in Japan, and a Master of Business Administration from Oxford University in the United Kingdom..

"Don't JUST be Awesome, be WASM!" - Luna Hope

Luna Hope, MA, CHHC

MBA, University of Barcelona

​Online Media and Presence, Search Engine optimization Personnel 

Ms. Luna Hope has extensive technical and management experience and combines a deep understanding of current technologies with the ability to execute across various business models. Having served as Executive Vice President and Chief People Officer since November 2012 and as Senior Web Design Chief since August 2011 for internationally known and award winning company RJTINC of RJTIO, search engine optimization and online presence go hand in hand with Ms. Hope.


She is responsible for web based organizational effectiveness strategies, corporate communications and the company's corporate online culture. Prior to joining RJTINC, Ms. Luna was managing partner and founder of Pandora, Co., a company specializing in strategic planning and marketing for web design companies. Ms. Hope holds both an undergraduate and an M.B.A. from the University of Barcelona, in Spain.

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